Our Company

Acquired from Barnes & Jones Inc. in 1979, Vent-Rite Valve Corp was established by its current parent company, The Swan Group, in 1984. Since 2004, VRVC has used MEPCO designs for Condensate and Boiler Feed Systems (Guardian, C5, CRV, SCRM) and MEPCO Vacuum Systems (C5 and E3). And through it all, we’ve always been focused on putting quality first.

Our Markets

From hospitals to universities, factories to skyscrapers—you can find Skidmore pumps in a variety of building types and a wide-range of markets.

Company Timeline


Company founded by Benjamin Skidmore in Chicago, IL.


Moved operations to Saint Joseph, MI.


Skidmore sold to Sta-Rite Industries.


Moved operations to Benton Harbor, MI.


Skidmore became part of Webster Electric Operations division of Sta-Rite.


Skidmore sold to Vent-Rite Valve Corporation.


Acquired MEPCO brand systems (renamed Vent-Rite in 2013).


Skidmore and Vent-Rite Valve celebrate 25 years together.


New product launch – Glycol Feed systems


New product launch – Condensate Neutralizers


New product launch – X-Pot all-in-one side-stream filter, magnetic filter and shot feeder.

The Swan Group

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the Swan Group comprises all of the businesses owned and operated by the Swan Family plus a portfolio of commercial real estate. These include Emerson Swan, Emerson Swan Canada, Flexcon Industries, Global Water Solutions, Skidmore Pump, Smiths Environmental Products US, Smiths Environmental Products UK, Vent-Rite Valve, Vent-Rite Pump and The Swan Realty Group. The businesses manufacturer and distribute heating, plumbing and water products globally. The Swan Group has manufacturing operations in Asia, North America and Europe, and sales offices throughout the world.

Learn more about The Swan Group at www.theswangroup.com.