Vari-Vac® RTMS Control Valve

The Vent-Rite Vari-Vac® RTMS control valve is critical piece when operating an efficient steam system. This valve is designed to control the amount of steam that flows into the zoned piping when mounted in the zoned steam supply line. The control center opens and closes the valve. This valve not only receives information, but sends information back to the control center.  The control center can then indicate the degree that the valve is open which allows the heat supply to be continuously controlled to equal the exact heat loss through various weather extremes.

What makes this valve unique is that it is designed for steam applications with two pipe or one pipe systems. This valve is straight liner meaning that if the valve is open 60% then it will handle 60% of the rated capacity. Having the ability to throttle is a game changer when it comes to improving operation and efficiency of your steam system


  • Valve Body – Flanged 125# ANSI
  • Inner Valve – Ported Sleeve Type
  • Single Seat through 3”
  • Double Seat 4” through 10”


  • Valve Body – Class 30 C.E.
  • Inner Valve – Naval Bronze
  • Valve Seat – Naval Bronze

Key Optional Accessories

Differential Vacuum Pump Shutoff is mounted on the bellows housing cap of the RTMS valve.