Vari-Vac® DCC-1000 Control Center

The DCC-1000 Control Center is the brains of the Vent-Rite® Vari-Vac steam heating system.  It’s a master communications station designed to maintain a balance between heat supply and heat demand for each required zone.  It’s capable of meeting almost any application as there are numerious options available.

Key Features

  • Continuous digit display with 2 lines and 16 characters
  • Membrane switch keypad
  • Combination circuit breaker/OFF switch for protection
  • Valve motor and sensor circuits are protected by current-limiting semi-conductors
  • Internal calibration switches to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Key locked Nema 1 enclosure
  • Durable Lexan cover that guards against dust, moisture and abuse

Control Panel Contains

  • Automatic positioning of the control valve
  • Manual positioning of the control valve
  • Each phase of the control cycle and opening and closing of control valve
  • Day and night temperature settings
  • Control valve opening percentage
  • Temperature at resistance thermometers or at the outdoor sensor
  • Automatic control of minimum and maximum temperatures (ETR and ETRS types)
  • Indicate system heat input (ETR and ETRS types)
  • Compensator for unusual weather or other extraordinary demands
  • Calibrations are entered at the keypad

Upgrade Options

  • Optional communications package for central remote control or monitoring
  • Internal clock control