Guardian-Plus Series

The Guardian-Plus is our most customizable product line. Designed to meet just about every requirement!

Guardian-Plus Condensate Return

The Guardian-Plus Condensate Return quickly collects and returns condensate back to a boiler feed unit. The pump action is simply controlled by an integral float device (float switch – Simplex and mechanical alternator – Duplex) designed to energize the pump motor when liquid levels get too high. Various sizes of cast iron or carbon steel receivers are available to meet just about any installation requirement.

Guardian-Plus Boiler Feed

The Guardian-Plus Boiler Feed is used to pump condensate and makeup water directly into the boiler(s). Pump action is controlled by a boiler mounted level controller that senses boiler water level requirements. Each Guardian comes equipped with a float operated makeup valve to bring in makeup water. The receiver is available in various sizes of carbon steel.

Key Features

  • Compact and space-saving mechanical configurations
  • Mechanical seals able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degree F
  • Simplicity in field hookup
  • Available in simplex or duplex design

Optional Features

  • Available in triplex and quadraplex design
  • Easily customizable with special motors such as TEFC, explosion proof or wash-down
  • Steel receivers can be modified to fit just about any installation